the young adventurers

De Jonge Avonturiers is a children’s theater trio consisting of Thomas (Arjos Pronk), Floor (Karin van Vliet) and Suffie (Merel Bol). The three characters complement each other well and together they experience many adventures. They like to take the children along in all their adventures, creating a fun interaction. Children feel at ease with De Jonge Avonturiers, are encouraged to use their imagination and play a large part in the performances.

VOF De Jonge Avonturiers

De Jonge Avonturiers is a company founded by Arjos Pronk, Karin van Vliet and Merel Bol. The three got to know each other in the Entertainment team of Familiepark Drievliet, where they played together in the park shows for a number of years. Later, the three of them decided to create their own children’s performance, with which they officially made their debut in March 2019 as De Jonge Avonturiers in the performance “The Legend of the Candy Tree”. Since then, this children’s theater trio has continued to grow and Arjos, Karin and Merel decided to continue under the name of De Jonge Avonturiers and make new shows and songs.


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