Wat vinden anderen van onze kinderfeestjes?


It was a very nice and fun party with Pirate Chappie with an exciting treasure hunt and fun, active assignments outside. The diploma and the proceeds of the treasure made it complete! I have experienced the collaboration as very pleasant. Very good preparation because of the pleasant, clear communication. The children’s party on the day itself was great! Fortunately, it was dry and they could go outside. The actor kept his role well and at the same time with enough authority to keep the children in line. Yes, I would certainly book a children’s party in the future, especially at this age 5-6 years they are still completely in the imagination. Thank you very much for a very successful party for the birthday boy or girl and his guests.


Really fun and well organized. Well set out in advance, a tailor-made treasure hunt for children of (almost) 5 years. Also, for the birthday boy who was in a wheelchair at that time because of a broken leg. Despite their young age, the children remained engaged and interested. He was in his role from the beginning until he got into the car and the kids kept talking about it while playing and eating fries. Even the parents told me that the kids were still talking about it at home.


The preparation was well organized, coordination and agreements were recorded by email. My daughters and their 7 girlfriends were very fascinated and thought it was a great party without exception! The story of Lakei Jean-Pierre fitted in well with the perception of 6-7 year old girls. The alternation between “activity games” and “thinking games” is good, the scavenger hunt through the beads is a puzzle that keeps them on each clue. Good actor, strong improvisational talent.