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A scavenger hunt children’s party for children from 4 to 8 years old

A scavenger hunt party from is suitable for boys and girls from 4 to 8 years old. Usually the parties are given on the occasion of a birthday, but this can of course also be for any other occasion.

At the best location, namely near you!

The quests with a story always take place at your home and nearby. That is why you do not have to leave the house, which saves a lot of logistical hassle with a group of children!

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    Real actor

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    Kid friendly

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    Challenging assignments

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    Thematic diploma

Our Themes

On this page you will find an overview of all Scavenger hunts with a story.

All quests are suitable for both boys and girls ages 4 to 8. The quests take 2 hours plus 1 hour of preparation and always end with a treat and a diploma.


Sef is a real do-it-yourselfer. No job is too crazy for him and there is nothing he cannot do. This time he has been commissioned to build a house, but… Sef is short of hands! And time is running out, because the job has to be finished today! Sef could use some help to get the house finished on time. Who loves to build and is strong and smart enough to help Sef become a real do-it-yourselfer?

In “builder Sef Builds a House,” the children learn how to build a house with each assignment. When they have completed all assignments, they are real do-it-yourselfers and receive a present and a diploma!

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Sef De Bouwer

Lakei Jean Piere

Lakei Jean-Pierre has the honor of visiting a real princes and princesses party on behalf of the king and queen. For the occasion, the king and queen even sent a real diamond crown from their treasury ahead. Lakei Jean-Pierre will personally hand over this crown to the birthday boy or girl, but once at the party it turns out that the crown never arrived …

Lackey Jean-Pierre takes the children on a magical quest to find the diamond crown. With real prince and princess assignments, the children get closer and closer to the crown.

A 2 hour party full of assignments and fun!

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Lakei Jean Pierre

Piraat Chappie

Have you ever heard of Captain Flint? No? Argh, how is that possible! Who doesn’t know that Captain Flint’s treasure is still hidden somewhere? Gold, pure gold for the taking! Who would not want that? But shall I let you in on a secret? I have a treasure map and a key to find the treasure! Which of you little pirates are brave enough to become my crew and go in search of the treasure?

Games and puzzles put the little pirates to the test in this quest. Will they manage to find the treasure during this adventure?

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Piraat Chappie

Ranger Kevin 1

Psst, have you heard it yet? A very special animal has been seen here. There are of course many special animals, large and small. With beautiful feathers or a soft coat. But this animal is very special. This bird has hardly ever been seen by anyone in real life! He sits in places where everyone just passes him, hidden in plain sight. Do you know which bird I mean? Right, the shadow bird! Who will help ranger Kevin find this special bird?

In Ranger Kevin and the legend of the shadow bird, we go in search of the shadow bird together. Every assignment brings us closer to the location of this legendary animal. Can you find the nest?

An adventure for true animal lovers!

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Ranger Kevin


There are many superheroes in the world, except in the Netherlands. While they are so urgently needed there! That’s why the superhero HQ has settled here to train real superheroes. Mister X is looking for little heroes who have what it takes to become a real superhero. But how do you actually become a superhero?

In Mister X from zero to hero, the children go in search of the superhero in themselves. In a challenging quest, the children are trained step by step to become a superhero. All superheroes receive a prize and a real diploma at the end!

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X Masker

Customized theme

Is your child completely crazy about something that is not listed here? No worries, also provides customized scavenger hunts for children’s parties!
Contact us by email at and we will be happy to work for you!

Extra to book

If the children’s party cannot last long enough, there are extras to book. The extra activity enhances the magic of the theme and makes for an even greater experience. Below you will find an overview of all activities that Arjos Pronk offers, in addition to the quest with a story. For each activity there is a one-off surcharge per child that participates.


Children’s make-up

As a professional make-up artist, Arjos Pronk is the right person to make up children in who or whatever they want to be. The best thing is of course if this fits into the theme of the quest with story, but at everything is possible. Our actors have learned all the tips and tricks from Arjos and can transform a child into a magical creature like no other. A nice addition to the party!

Slijm Maken

Making slime

If there is one activity that fits virtually every theme, it is making slime. Whether it’s a secret formula for Spiderman’s web, or Princess Slime from Lakei Jean-Pierre, the kids don’t care. Making slime is one of every child’s favorite pastime. Success guaranteed!


What do others think of our children’s parties?


It was a very nice and fun party with Pirate Chappie with an exciting treasure hunt and fun, active assignments outside. The diploma and the proceeds of the treasure made it complete! I have experienced the collaboration as very pleasant. Very good preparation because of the pleasant, clear communication. The children’s party on the day itself was great! Fortunately, it was dry and they could go outside. The actor kept his role well and at the same time with enough authority to keep the children in line. Yes, I would certainly book a children’s party in the future, especially at this age 5-6 years they are still completely in the imagination. Thank you very much for a very successful party for the birthday boy or girl and his guests.


Really fun and well organized. Well set out in advance, a tailor-made treasure hunt for children of (almost) 5 years. Also, for the birthday boy who was in a wheelchair at that time because of a broken leg. Despite their young age, the children remained engaged and interested. He was in his role from the beginning until he got into the car and the kids kept talking about it while playing and eating fries. Even the parents told me that the kids were still talking about it at home.


The preparation was well organized, coordination and agreements were recorded by email. My daughters and their 7 girlfriends were very fascinated and thought it was a great party without exception! The story of Lakei Jean-Pierre fitted in well with the perception of 6-7 year old girls. The alternation between “activity games” and “thinking games” is good, the scavenger hunt through the beads is a puzzle that keeps them on each clue. Good actor, strong improvisational talent.


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